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Fabulous Final Term1 Lesson with Jan Lawnikanis!

Yesterday, in the teeth of strong winds, relentless rain and rough seas, Coochie Art Group enjoyed another fabulous day, learning and creating with our brilliant tutor, Jan Lawnikanis. It has been such a wonderful term with Jan’s innovative teaching, new techniques to learn with coloured pencils and some really outstanding works of art created by our talented members. Jan demonstrated techniques to use with pencils on birch wood panels, which gave a very different result, using the grain of the wood to enhance the design. Lots to remember with this method, but absolutely fabulous results! We had a couple of Aha! moments, when wax-based and oil-based pencils reacted unusually! So much to learn, with such good mates and an amazing tutor. Thanks Jan!

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What a Magic Day!

Coochie Art Group had another wonderful day painting together with our fabulous tutor, Jan Lawnikanis on 16/2/21, using coloured pencils. Jan L took us through further exercises and we learned the mysteries of different types of cross-hatching and the magical effects this can bring. Some beautiful work was produced, with a very different approach to portraiture, as shown in the Margaret Olley work and the pink galah below! Jan also prepared the members for a very different tack in our next class on 2/3/21. Members will be painting over prepared collaged surfaces and the effects Jan demonstrated were amazing. Can’t wait for more magic!

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Fabulous Coloured Pencils with Jan Lawnikanis

Subject: Fabulous Coloured Pencils with Jan Lawnikanis

Coochie Art Group kicked off the year’s tuition on February2, with a fabulous day of Coloured Pencil artistry with another of our favourite tutors, talented artist, Jan Lawnikanis. Jan took members through the various techniques needed for artist-quality coloured pencil work. We had some members who had not used proper coloured pencils before, but with Jan’s encouragement, we all worked our way through the various techniques and skills required. Jan, like our other tutors, is always very generous with her resources and teaching. It was just great to all be back painting together, in our favourite Hall, looking out over the Bay and the golf course! Great tutor, great mates and great painting together.

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Jan Lawnikanis Materials List, Required Pencil Colours, Tuesday 2nd February.

Jan has asked us to bring these colours, but do check your colours against the Peacock Head image, Jan will supply for us, on the first day. Jan will use this to guide us through the basic steps of artists’ colour pencil use and will supply each of us with a cartridge paper image to use. Jan will also provide photos of the image, so this will be a very friendly introduction on Day 1. Visitors are very welcome, if space in the class permits. For more information please contact Gail, on 0429 174 818 Gail will also be able to provide the information about the Peacock Head, how to locate the image etc.

You will need these 12 colours:
 White
 Black
 Cream 914
 Light Umber 941
 Silver 949
 Indigo 901
 True Blue 903
 True Green 910
 Chartreuse 989
 Dark Brown 946
 Grass Green 909
 Light Aqua 992

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Jan Lawnikanis, Coloured Pencil Classes, Materials List

Coochie Art Group is looking forward to a magical series of classes in Term 1, with another of our favourite tutors, a talented artist and fabulous tutor, Jan Lawnikanis. Covid forced us to cancel classes with Jan last year, so we are delighted to be able to have tuition with her this term. Below is part of Jan’s Materials List. I’ll post the pencil selection in another selection. Visitors are always very welcome, if space in the class permits. For further information, please contact Gail, on 0429 174 818.
CAG cp workshop 1 materials.docx
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Wow! Wonderful Master Class with Louise to finish a difficult year!

Coochie Art Group enjoyed a master class indeed, for our final Term 4 class with Louise Corke, Master Pastellist, and Australian Pastellist of the Year 2019, on 24th November 2020. Louise pulled all her previous class content together and demonstrated clearly the values of Tone, Colour, Composition and Movement. We enjoyed the company and talents of some lovely local Coochie residents and hope to have their company soon. This was a fabulous end to a difficult year for us all! Thank you Louise for a superb series of classes for CAG and our visitors.

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Louise Corke’s Fabulous Class, Part 2!

Louise’s master class on tone also took us through the many nuances of shadows, shadows describing form, types of shadows, secrets of the focal point and so much more. Next class, Tuesday 27/10/20, will be all about colour – attributes of colour to colour temperature, mixing any colour and more. Can’t wait – we love our colour!
Visitors are always welcome if space in the Hall permits. Contact Gail 0429 174 818 for more details.

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Magic Day with Louise Corke at Coochie! Part1

Wow! Coochie Art Group had a fabulous start to Term 4 yesterday, with Master Pastellist, Louise Corke, who guided us through an in-depth, master class in tone – what, how, why, when, – you name it! Louise’s thorough class preparations and resources made the complex concepts so much easier to grasp and her individual attention was so helpful to us all.
Coochie Group also welcomed 3 visitors from Coochie – welcome Marie, Priscilla and Bob! It was wonderful to share Louise’s tuition with them and hope they enjoyed the class.
Visitors are always welcome if space in the Hall and in the class permits. For more information, please contact Gail McCallum, on 0429 174 818 or

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Louise Corke Class Program and Materials List, for 13/10/20

At last, Coochie Group will be back in the Coochie Hall with our fabulous tutor, Louise Corke. Louise has wonderful skills in explaining concepts, with absolute clarity. We can’t wait to be back painting together again, after the difficulties of this year.
Visitors are always welcome, as long as space in the hall permits. For more information, please contact Gail McCallum – or 0429 174 818
Coochie Week One 2020.docx
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At Last! Coochie Art Group paints Again!!!

Coochie Art Group is delighted to announce that Term 4 classes will resume in the Coochie Hall, now that the Covid restrictions have been lifted to 30 people in a gathering! We will be finishing the year in first class style, as we were lucky to secure prize-winning, Master Pastellist, Louise Corke, to tutor us. Louise is another of our favourite tutors, – a brilliant artist, highly-effective and encouraging tutor and all round delightful person. Louise’s first class will be Tuesday, 13/10/20. Other class dates are 27/10, 10/11, and 24/11. For her first class, Louise will be Focussing on Tone, – what it is, why it matters, and how to use it practically. Louise’s Material List ( minimal ) and class program will go up on this website next week. Can’t wait to be back painting!!
Visitors are always welcome, as long as space in the Hall permits. For more information, please contact Gail at 0429 174 818 or

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