Wow! What a Wonderful Day with Watercolour and Vicki!

 Coochie Art Group enjoyed a particularly wonderful day on Tuesday 10/8/21 with tutor Vicki Whalan. Fresh from lockdown, it was great to be creating watercolour magic with our mates. We welcomed a new member, Susan, presented with her Coochie Badge, welcomed a new visitor, Joanne and were delighted to have a former member, Natalie, back to enjoy the class. With Vicki’s help, we explored the intricacies of gum blossoms and leaves. Vicki took us through the importance of establishing colour notes, using a limited palette, and warm and cool colour wheels to inform the choice, drawing an initial detailed sketch with comprehensive notes, demonstrated when and how to use limited masking fluid and to avoid the usual traps. We were delighted to see Vicki’s chosen gum blossoms emerge beautifully, not as a botanical painting, but as Vicki’s lovely interpretation. Thank you Vicki for a wonderful day, complete with your usual very extensive class notes. These are invaluable, as members could watch Vicki’s every brush stroke, without stopping to take notes.
Next class with Vicki will be on 24/8/21, where members will explore painting native birds in watercolour. Should be fascinating! Visitors are always very welcome, as long as space in the class allows. For more information, please contact Gail on 0429 174 818.

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