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  • Louise Corke’s Fabulous Class, Part 2! - Louise’s master class on tone also took us through the many nuances of shadows, shadows describing form, types of shadows, secrets of the focal point and so much more. Next class, Tuesday 27/10/20, will be all about colour – attributes of colour to colour temperature, mixing any colour and more. Can’t wait – we love […]
  • Magic Day with Louise Corke at Coochie! Part1 - Wow! Coochie Art Group had a fabulous start to Term 4 yesterday, with Master Pastellist, Louise Corke, who guided us through an in-depth, master class in tone – what, how, why, when, – you name it! Louise’s thorough class preparations and resources made the complex concepts so much easier to grasp and her individual attention […]
  • Louise Corke Class Program and Materials List, for 13/10/20 - At last, Coochie Group will be back in the Coochie Hall with our fabulous tutor, Louise Corke. Louise has wonderful skills in explaining concepts, with absolute clarity. We can’t wait to be back painting together again, after the difficulties of this year. Visitors are always welcome, as long as space in the hall permits. For […]
  • At Last! Coochie Art Group paints Again!!! - Coochie Art Group is delighted to announce that Term 4 classes will resume in the Coochie Hall, now that the Covid restrictions have been lifted to 30 people in a gathering! We will be finishing the year in first class style, as we were lucky to secure prize-winning, Master Pastellist, Louise Corke, to tutor us. […]
  • Hilary’s Class 25 August Cancelled – Covid restrictions. - Coochie Art Group has been disappointed to have to cancel popular tutor, Hilary Wakeling’s 2nd Acrylic class on 25th August. The Covid restrictions on attendees mean the class had to be cancelled. Hilary was to have taken us through the delights and intricacies of designing and painting an abstract painting, a mystery to many of […]