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  • Bendigo Bank Display - Beryl and Jan have just finished hanging a new display of some of their paintings at Victoria Point branch of Bendigo Bank. Thank you Bendigo Bank for the chance to share our paintings! Sent from my iPad
  • Vicki’s 4th Fabulous Class with Coochie Art Group! - Vicki’s class yesterday was full of revelations for us – from the use of masking fluid with water!, building a beautiful painting from splattered blobs of colour, easy backgrounds, a sample of the miracle material, Frisket, painting white flowers, a brilliant demonstration of refraction and diffraction among many other gems. Vicki splattered blobs and sprays […]
  • Vicki’s 4th Class with Coochie Art Group. Wow! - Vicki’s 4th Class 27th November 2018.docx Sent from my iPad
  • More Lessons and Laughter with Vicki - Our tutor, Vicki Whalan, has been teaching Coochie Group more about colour temperature, the subtleties needed for flowers, and so much more. The handouts are so useful to accurately remember each step of the way. Sent from my iPad
  • Watercolour with Vicki Whalan 16/10/18 - Photos below show Vicki demonstrating a fabulous way of stretching watercolour paper over a canvas stretcher frame and how to avoid the pitfalls! Vicki also taught the manner in which the painting can be preserved archivally, without the need for expensive framing. Wow! What a revelation! Sent from my iPad