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  • Tricia Reust’s Materials List for Classes with Coochie Group!! - We’re delighted that Tricia Reust will be back Tutoring Coochie Group with more of her special magic, including exploring Collagraphs. Below is her Materials List – quite extensive, but first lesson is not until 27th August, so we have time to assemble it all. Can’t wait! 19 Tricia Reust requirements.docx Sent from my iPad
  • Transformation! - Master Pastellist Penny Gilbert-Ng continued the transformation of the underwash horror subject! into a captivating portrait of a handsome, compassionate young man. This process was handled so deftly, with such a light touch, that it was a revelation to see his image emerge. Thank you Penny, for a magic day, where we learned so much […]
  • More Magic with Master Pastellist Penny - Penny continued with the watercolour underwashes, strengthening the tones and providing the bones for the portrait, pun intended! The “monster” of underwashes was tamed by Penny’s remarkable touches with pastels. So light, so delicately applied! It was a revelation to this avowed non-Pastellist! More images to follow. Sent from my iPad
  • Pastel Perfection with Penny! - Penny continued her magic classes with The Coochie Group today, starting with her drawing, followed by the watercolour background. The subject appeared scarily appropriate to a horror movie, until Penny started her pastel magic. Amazing how the subject was pulled out of the watercolour undercoat! Fabulous stuff and such an enjoyable, fun day. Sent from […]
  • Hot Times on a Cold, Cold Day! - A few hardy members of the Coochie Art Group braved the cold at a tutor-free day on Coochie today. Led by well-known trend setter Gilly, we painted up a storm and had a ball! Sent from my iPad