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  • Jan Lawnikanis Materials List for Classes 3 and 4 - Please read carefully as there are changes from the classes 1 and 2 materials list. CAG workshops 3&4 August.18 Materials list.docx Sent from my iPad
  • Jan Lawnikanis Materials List, Classes 1 and 2 - Please read this extensive list carefully, to ensure you bring all items needed. Should be really excellent! CAG workshops 1&2 July.18 Materials list.docx Sent from my iPad
  • Jan Lawnikanis Term 3 Classes Description - Below is the Term 3 class program for Jan Lawnikanis’ Experimental Textures in Watercolour, Landscapes for Classes 1 & 2, Florals over Textured Backgrounds for Classes 3 & 4. Wow! Really looking forward to these classes! CAG workshop descriptions 2018.docx Sent from my iPad
  • 2018 Schedule, 19/6/18 - Below please find an updated schedule for 2018. Please note paintings due in to RPAC on Tuesday 4/9/18, not Wednesday as originally posted. 18 Schedule, dated 14 April 2018.docx Sent from my iPad
  • Maria Field’s Wonderful Workshop with Coochie! - Below are just a few magic moments with Maria, as she made composition, design and the importance of simple thumbnails, so very clear. Yes, we were learning Acrylic florals, a la Maria, but the most important lessons she taught were about how to achieve strong, interesting compositions, via thumbnails, BEFORE we start painting! And to […]