Warm Welcome on a Cold Day!

Coochie Art Group members are a hardy lot! Yesterday, Tuesday 7/6/22, was a very cold day ( for SEQ ) with an icy wind and low temperatures. This didn’t stop us from enjoying a wonderful, tutor-free day, painting, laughing and dining together, thanks to Peter, Susan and Donna. They brought everything required for a gourmet sausage sizzle, complete with a warming beverage! Especial thanks to Peter for braving the icy blasts, as he barbequed the sausages and onions to perfection.Some beautiful work was produced, especially Gilly’s and Gail’s pastel portraits, Donna’s beach pastel, Beryl’s pen drawing and much more. It was a very productive and enjoyable day. How wonderful to have such great company and talented artists to share such a top day and their knowledge!
Members are anticipating yet another great day on Tuesday, 21/6/22, when Master Pastellist, Penny Gilbert-Ng will guide us through a day of plein air pastel landscape, again using a loose watercolour wash as the base. We will be drawing our inspiration from the wonderful views from the Hall balconies, whether it be the lush golf course surrounds, trees, or the glimpsed seascapes to the South and Victoria Point. Great place to paint!

Visitors are always very welcome, as long as space in the class permits. For more information, Materials List, Class Outline etc, please contact Gail on 0429 178 818

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Sent from my iPad

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