Schedule for Term 4 2019

Below is the Schedule for Coochie Art Group for the remainder of 2019.
19 Schedule Term 4.docx
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Materials List for Classes with Hilary Wakeling in Term 4 2019

Materials List T4 2019.pdf
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Information for Hilary Wakeling’s Acrylic Classes Term 4

Coochie Art Group is looking forward to Acrylic classes in Term 4 with talented, local, prize-winning artist, Hilary Wakeling. Hilary has sent through some images to illustrate some of the techniques we’ll be learning. Materials List to follow.

Other materials particular to each exercise –

October 15 – Masking with cut and torn paper:

Masking tape, greaseproof paper or other paper for tearing, roller and tray.

Reference photo of bird or other simple image.

November 5 – Painting with the palette knife:

A canvas board is easier to use with the palette knife. Best paint to use is Matisse Structure, but you could get by with other brands. You will need a range of palette knives. Reference photo of rough water or surf etc. You can include figures as well.

November 12 – Painting the negative space:

Stamping and stencilling materials. Sponge or roller and tray. Silhouette image, with lots of ‘holes’.

November 26 – Over lapping shapes:

Drawing paper, can be a roll of greaseproof paper.

Coochie visits Olley and Quilty at GOMA

Coochie Art Group members enjoyed a wonderful outing to GOMA, where we enjoyed Margaret Olley’s wonderful retrospective “A Generous Life” and Ben Quilty’s emotional “Quilty”. Both were thought-provoking, informative and fantastic!!!! Our knowledgeable guide, Natalie, made Quilty’s work far more approachable to me, at least, knowing the background and emotions that drove Quilty to creation. Many, were utterly poignant and tragic – the fake life jackets littering bleak island coasts – remember the Syrian exodus?, the Bali 9 tragedy and Quilty’s reaction to the time he spent as war artist in Afghanistan and the soldiers he met, were a few that still haunt me.
Margaret Olley’s aptly-named Exhibition was a revelation and an utter delight! Indeed hers was a generous life and Australia is the richer for having enjoyed her breath-taking artistic talents, her generous mentoring of emerging artists and her on-going bequests to our national galleries. These bequests from her estate have enabled the purchase of wonderful treasures from overseas.
Special thanks to our tour guide and organiser extraordinaire, Diane! Thanks Diane for a wonderful day.

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Impressive Day with Tricia Reust!

What a wonderful day with Tricia yesterday! Members learned how to pull various types of prints from our collagraph plates, stamping with made stamps, and positive and negative stamps from our images, glazing and softening the initial colours, and the importance of soft edges and blending of colours. More to come!

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Collagraphs, Design, Printing and Fabulous Fun with Tricia Reust!!!

Coochie Art Group Members had a fantastic time yesterday with one of our favourite tutors, Tricia Reust. Tricia demonstrated construction of collagraph plates, and carving stencils from various materials including corrugated cardboard and foam board. Tricia then demonstrated how to ink our plates and pull different types of prints using various papers. The effects achieved were wonderful! Tricia emphasised the importance of design informing the placement of the collage elements and demonstrated using some unusual materials including snake skin! We now know which parts of the skin to use and which parts to avoid!!!! Who knew there was so much to learn about collaging snake skin? The pattern on the skin was just beautiful – this from one who doesn’t have any time for snakes!!!!! Tricia always sets a cracking pace for us, as there is so much to learn, and we do appreciate her generous tuition and extensive handouts. Thanks Tricia for a truly fabulous, informative day!

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Hanging the Show!

Members were fine-tuning the hanging today, while others took photos!!!! The Show looks great, with a wide variety of genre and media. CAG’s beautiful hand-painted cards will be for sale. The First Prize for our raffle will be a choice between 2 wonderful paintings by Master Pastellist Penny Gilbert-Ng and local, prizewinning wild life artist Louise Saunders. The hardest part will be which painting to choose!

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Coochie Group’s Annual Art Show and Sale

Coochie Art Group members are eagerly awaiting the Opening Night festivities of our Annual Art Show. Councillor Wendy Boglary will declare the Show open at 7.00pm on Saturday 10th August at Redland’s Performing Art Centre in Middle Street, Cleveland, opposite the Police Station. The Show has been hung and is looking fabulous! All are welcome, entry is free and refreshments will be served after the Opening.

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Tricia Reust’s Materials List for Classes with Coochie Group!!

We’re delighted that Tricia Reust will be back Tutoring Coochie Group with more of her special magic, including exploring Collagraphs. Below is her Materials List – quite extensive, but first lesson is not until 27th August, so we have time to assemble it all. Can’t wait!
19 Tricia Reust requirements.docx
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Master Pastellist Penny Gilbert-Ng continued the transformation of the underwash horror subject! into a captivating portrait of a handsome, compassionate young man. This process was handled so deftly, with such a light touch, that it was a revelation to see his image emerge. Thank you Penny, for a magic day, where we learned so much and had so much enjoyment. What a great day, thank you!

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