Granulation in Watercolour with Rhyl

These are some unfinished examples of the magic of granulation! The choice of paper here is critical to the result. See materials list in earlier post. Visitors are always welcome as long as space in the Hall is available. For further information, please contact Gail at or 0429174818

Please Note: Coochie Art Group will fully comply with all Qld Govt Covid 19, Stage 3 Restrictions to ensure a safe working environment

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Watercolour Revelations with Rhyl! MATERIALS LIST

Coochie Art Group is eagerly anticipating a return to our normal tuition on Coochie, post Covid, on 21st and 28th July, with talented artist/tutor, Rhyl Henzell. Rhyl will be exploring the magic of granulation in watercolour using specific paper to enhance the effects. The Materials List is supplied below, noting that Rhyl’s choice of paper is critical to achieving the desired results. Visitors are welcome, when hall space allows. For more information, please contact Gail at 0429 174 818 or or Jan on 0417780154 or
Rhyl Henzell Material List WC July 21 & 28 2020 .docx
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More Eco Printing Part 2 Pre-Covid!

The second day of Eco Printing for Coochie Group, proved as informative and enjoyable as the first. So many colours printed bore no relationship to the original fresh colour! It was such an interesting process – so many variables. Hard to believe that a delicate wattle flower could survive the boiling to impart a gentle yellow glow to the paper or that little unopened gumnut capsules could provide beautiful textural treasures. Again, thank you Lianne, for such an enjoyable program of tuition and your magnificent hauls of resources!

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Eco Printing pre Covid! Pt 1.

Way back in March, pre Covid, Coochie Group enjoyed Eco Printing under the guidance of Lianne Counsell. We learned about mordants to set the dyes, which leaves worked to give great results, and which flowers, fruit and seeds gave which colours. Fascinating! We used beetroot and blueberries, bark, flowers and ferns, amongst the botanical haul we all contributed. What a lot of fun and so much to learn! The results varied tremendously, depending on botanicals used, which pot the haul was boiled in, which paper was chosen – so many variables. Results were stunning! Some were muted, but with wonderful graphic effects, others were more delicately coloured, but each one was beautiful. It was a wonderful 2 days for us all. Thank you Lianne for your generosity and haul of red hibiscus, among many other botanical treasures.

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Annette’s Third Class pre Covid!

Coochie Group members have really enjoyed Annette Raff’s wonderful Watercolour Landscapes ” Wild and Free” . Unfortunately Covid 19 interfered before we could enjoy the final class in the program , but it was a fabulous program of tuition, as ever with Annette! Thank you Annette and we look forward to resuming classes with you in a safer future. Annette was also demonstrating the many subtleties of Quink, used as a watercolour medium. Who could have guessed at the different colours hidden within its inky depths? Members are still painting, whilst in isolation and we all look forward to displays of their work in a safer time.

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Sizzling Watercolour Landscapes with Annette Raff!!!! Part 2

More Magic with Annette!

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Sizzling Watercolour Landscapes with Annette Raff!!! Part 1

Coochie Art Group sizzled in the heat last week as we enjoyed another fabulous day of Free Spirited watercolour magic with another of our favourite tutors, Annette Raff. The high humidity kept the paint more fluid for longer, as we created our free, dreamy landscapes. We accentuated the negative ( lots of fun!) and learned the secrets behind the judicious use of gouache. Thanks Annette for another wonderful day!

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More Wild Watercolour and Wild Weather!

During our Free Spirited landscape tuition yesterday, with Annette Raff, a tree was brought down in the Hall car park, by the ferocious winds. The Group painted on, enjoying our wild ride with Annette, polishing up on our brush techniques, no-fail reflections and so much more! The last photo demonstrates the wild conditions, as we dodged the waves breaking onto the end of the jetty, while waiting for the ferry. What a blast!!!!!

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Wild weather and Watercolour with Annette Raff

Yesterday, Coochie Art Group Members enjoyed a fabulous day of concentrated watercolour tuition with award-winning artist, Annette Raff, from the Gold Coast. It was a wild weather day with gale-force winds and a rough crossing on the ferry, but it didn’t dampen the Group’s enthusiasm, as we launched into “Free Spirited” watercolour landscapes. Annette’s comprehensive class notes and her reinforcement of these in class with various exercises, meant our understanding of good design and composition was illustrated and strengthened. What a wonderful day! More pictures in the next post.

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Annette Raff ” Free Spirited Landscapes ” in Watercolour!

Coochie Art Group is delighted to announce that one of our favourite tutors will take the Group for a wild, watercolour ride! Annette Raff will be our tutor for “Free Spirited Landscapes” in Term 1, commencing on Tuesday 4th February. Delete the details and break out the larger brushes! This should be an exciting term
Visitors are welcome, as long as class sizes permit. For more details, please email Jan on or 0417 780 154
WORKSHOP – Coochiemudlo ‘Freespirited’.pdf
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