Hot and Wonderful Watercolours with Hilary!

Coochie Art Group had a fabulous ( and hot ) Tuesday 8/3 start to our years classes. It was so good to be back with the mob, painting up a storm with our own wonderfully talented Hilary Wakeling. Hilary led us through the challenges of preserving the white of the paper, whilst painting white subjects – birds, flowers, animals etc. No masking fluid and harsh outlines here, just gentle, loose applications of limited colours and layers, carefully avoiding the highlights/white areas and bringing gentle washes of the background colours in over the subject to provide shadow areas. Lovely to do and some brilliant work was completed.

We also welcomed a new visitor, Ruth, who fitted in so well and helped with some unexpected glitches, as we coped with RCC changes to the Hall over the holidays! Always a special treat to welcome more Islanders to our classes. Next week, Tuesday 15/3, Hilary will be showing us the joys of overlapping shapes in watercolour.

Visitors are always very welcome, as long as space in class permits. For more information, please contact Gail on 0429 174 818

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