Jan Lawnikanis Materials List

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Hi Everyone,

I have attached the info from Jan. Day 1 will be with coloured pencils. Day 2,3 and 4 with watercolours. If you wish to work with either coloured pencils or watercolours on any day it is okay with Jan.

Also Jan has offered to order us a set of 3 primary colours in the MaimeriBlu range for $35.50. They the correct primaries for the CYM colour wheel system which we’ll be working with. These paints are considered top quality and are made in Italy (even W & Newton get theirs made in China now!) and the tubes are 15ml as opposed to the regular 5ml tubes by W & N. A lot of well known watercolourists prefer them too. If you are interested, bring your money in an envelope to the meeting on 15 July, and Jan will bring them to Day 2.



MATERIALS LIST CP Coochie 2014.docx

MATERIALS LIST w’colour x 3 Coochie 2014.docx

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