Coochie Art Group at RPAC!

Coochie Art Group members were warmly welcomed back to RPAC on Wednesday 12th August, to hang a wonderful display on the art walls. Members have selected some of their favourite, best works and the whole display, on both levels, looks magnificent! Most works are for sale, and contact information and a Catalogue is available on the Coochie Art Group table, opposite the entrance, in the Booking Office area. For sales, please contact the artist directly, using the information on the painting label attached, or contact Gillian Rich on
0421 412 240 Covid restrictions mean the Box Office is no longer open on Saturday mornings.

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  1. clare loveband

    Popped into your exhibition today. Well done. If there is a People’s Choice, my choice would be Jan Cox’s , White Magnolia (called something else) and Gail’s two little drawings with pencil and pen and wash. I can understand why things works are not for sale ! Clare Loveband

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