Watercolour Granulation and Eco Print Enhancement with Rhyl

Coochie Art Group enjoyed another fabulous class with tutor Rhyl Henzell on 28th July. Rhyl demonstrated the final steps for our watercolour paintings, as we did further negative painting, deepened the backgrounds and added finishing touches. Some very beautiful works were created. Later Rhyl demonstrated how to subtly enhance our Eco Prints from earlier in the year. Rhyl used various Micron pens and toning watercolours to gently strengthen the designs. Her paintings and mini books were breathtaking and beautiful. Thank you Rhyl, for a wonderful start to our Post-Covid classes. We learned so much and enjoyed your tutelage and company!

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  1. clare loveband

    WOW ! just fabulous
    haven’t i missed something.

    clare loveband

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