At Last! Coochie back Painting Together! Part 1.

Finally, after months painting alone at home, Coochie Group members came back to the Coochie Hall for pure watercolour magic, with talented local artist Rhyl Henzell! What a way to kick off our post-Covid creativity! Rhyl was teaching the Group new ways with watercolour granulation using different brands of watercolour paper to the usual Arches/Fabriano. It was utterly wonderful to be back painting together, enjoying our fabulous class atmosphere, learning new techniques to enhance our skills and relishing each other’s company. Thank you Rhyl for a magic start to Term 3 classes and we look forward to more watercolour wizardry on 28th August. Visitors are always most welcome, as long as space in the Hall permits. For more information, please contact Gail on 0429 174 818 or

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  1. clare loveband

    WOW ! what a great 1st class . clare

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