Eco Printing pre Covid! Pt 1.

Way back in March, pre Covid, Coochie Group enjoyed Eco Printing under the guidance of Lianne Counsell. We learned about mordants to set the dyes, which leaves worked to give great results, and which flowers, fruit and seeds gave which colours. Fascinating! We used beetroot and blueberries, bark, flowers and ferns, amongst the botanical haul we all contributed. What a lot of fun and so much to learn! The results varied tremendously, depending on botanicals used, which pot the haul was boiled in, which paper was chosen – so many variables. Results were stunning! Some were muted, but with wonderful graphic effects, others were more delicately coloured, but each one was beautiful. It was a wonderful 2 days for us all. Thank you Lianne for your generosity and haul of red hibiscus, among many other botanical treasures.

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