Collagraphs, Design, Printing and Fabulous Fun with Tricia Reust!!!

Coochie Art Group Members had a fantastic time yesterday with one of our favourite tutors, Tricia Reust. Tricia demonstrated construction of collagraph plates, and carving stencils from various materials including corrugated cardboard and foam board. Tricia then demonstrated how to ink our plates and pull different types of prints using various papers. The effects achieved were wonderful! Tricia emphasised the importance of design informing the placement of the collage elements and demonstrated using some unusual materials including snake skin! We now know which parts of the skin to use and which parts to avoid!!!! Who knew there was so much to learn about collaging snake skin? The pattern on the skin was just beautiful – this from one who doesn’t have any time for snakes!!!!! Tricia always sets a cracking pace for us, as there is so much to learn, and we do appreciate her generous tuition and extensive handouts. Thanks Tricia for a truly fabulous, informative day!

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