Vicki’s 4th Fabulous Class with Coochie Art Group!

Vicki’s class yesterday was full of revelations for us – from the use of masking fluid with water!, building a beautiful painting from splattered blobs of colour, easy backgrounds, a sample of the miracle material, Frisket, painting white flowers, a brilliant demonstration of refraction and diffraction among many other gems.

Vicki splattered blobs and sprays of masking fluid on dry paper, immediately sprayed it with a very fine spray of water and left it to dry. When dry, she laid a glaze of yellow over and let it dry. When completely dry, she removed the masking with a crepe eraser, never her finger in this instance, and revealed the wonderful softened edges in the photos shown below.

The refraction/diffraction was clearly illustrated by pencils in glass of different thicknesses. Accurate observation showed clearly the enlargement, the refraction, the reflection of colour at the pencil end etc, as seen in the photos below. Vicki’s top tip for this was absolutely accurate observation. Paint what you see, not what you think it should be!

Vicki also demonstrated how to build a successful painting from the splattered pigments, how to enhance by negative painting and scraping w/c pencil into a wet “flower” centre, among many other techniques and tips.

What a wonderfully generous tutor, who turned certain long-standing “rules” on their heads with her beautiful, thorough Tutelage? Thank you Vicki from Coochie Art Group for a fabulous term!

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