Maria Field 2 Day Acrylic Workshop 13, 14th June on Coochie

Maria Field will be Tutoring Coochie Art Group for a 2Day Acrylic Workshop on Coochiemudlo on Wednesday and Thursday, 13 & 14th June 2018. Maria has sent through her program as follows. Sounds wonderful!

“Regarding plan of workshop: I will be demoing acrylic florals as requested. However, on day one I will also be covering Design/Composition and Pre-planning. People can bring their own floral images, or use mine, or they can bring other subjects that they would prefer to paint. They may also bring in any projects that they have done, are working on, or are stuck on! I am happy to guide them in whatever way they need. I have found that what most people need are help with Design, Tone, and other ideas for creativity. So,
On day two, I will be continuing on in the same vein, however, also adding in How to Critique their own paintings.
I will also throw in other ideas/styles that they might like to try with their acrylic paintings.

Regarding the Materials List: Since you have informed me that most are not beginners, then they can all just bring their usual acrylic materials and supports that they prefer. I won’t be getting people to go out and buy anything new or that they may never use again!
For the beginners, if they don’t know…..bring acrylic paints in primary colours (red, yellow, blue) secondary if they want (green, orange, purple) and definitely a white.
brushes suitable for acrylics, a palette, supports (canvas), rags, towel to cover work area, protective gear for their clothes, something to hold water. Images that they want to paint also.”

To view Maria’s website, please go to and look in her Oil/Acrylic Galleries

Visitors are always welcome, if space allows. Please contact Jan Cox at

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