Rhyl Henzell’s WC Class Materials List

Below is the list of materials and grounds for Rhyll’s classes with Coochie Art Group on July 18 and 25. Visitors are very welcome to join us if space is available. Please contact Stuart Hall 0409 349 197 to check availability and details.

Rhyl Henzell’s Watercolour Workshops for Coochie art group…

18th and 25th July 2017

Please bring:

Reference: Photos and sketches from local bushland environment … flora, fauna, parks, gardens, waterways and scrub etc…

Over the two weeks we will be painting watercolours, focusing especially on shapes and patterns… light and shadows, negative spaces, multiple edges, washing back using stencils (X-ray film) and different ways of using masking fluid.

Please bring 4/6 grounds to work on … either stretchedwatercolour paper (medium) or canvas primed with 2 coats of a special W C gesso (fine toothed) Schmincke make a good one.

The advantage of canvas is that it can be washed back to the white surface, does not stretch when wet or need to be framed. It can be sealed when finished with a spray varnish. (Schmincke have one and so do crystal Kote)

Keep work small and manageable … around A4 to give you time to try a few different techniques.

Just bring your usual watercolour paints and gear and a variety of brushes, large and small. If you have natural animal hair brushes they hold more water than synthetics and come to a beautiful point. …Masking fluid too if you like!

I look forward to working with you all again soon.

Cheers Rhyl

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