Update on Judy Pomroy.

From: “Hilary Wakeling” <hilarywakeling>

Date: 24 January 2015 9:53:10 am AEST
To: “Alma Despot” <jdespot>, “Anita” <aybroome>, “Ayla Relf” <Aylarelf2>, “Beryl Home” <grandma.beryl>, “D & T Gillham” <dianetrevor>, “Gillian Rich” <gillian.rich82>, “Helen Chaston” <helenvc42>, “Jackie Shanks” <c5on802>, “Jan Cox” <janno47>, “Lenore Smith” <lms39>, “Marcella Secher” <cecilia7>, “Pat & Ken Fuller” <patken50>, “Pat Marini” <pjmarini>, “Patricia Screen” <pm.screen>, <robinart>, “Stuart Hall” <hallsrea>, “Sue Thomas” <selthomas>, “Susan Kemp” <dasudasu>, “Terry Wilkinson” <terry-wilkinson>, “Thelma Dowell” <thel.dowell4>
Subject: Update on Judy Pomroy.

Hi all,

Unfortunately Judy Pomroy is not well enough to tutor us for our first class on 3 Feb. Because of the short notice, I will take you for a watercolour class for that day. You will not need the texture mediums and collage items for my class. But you will need masking fluid and pen nibs etc plus âwordsâ and line drawings.

Judy is going to get you all to bring old paintings that you are “stuck on” and show you techniques on how to improve or fix them ..

In this case you will need:
Titananium white, flow acrylic medium, gold or silver acrylic
Some collage materials, rice paper, pearlized coloured inks if avail.

I have attached a âversion 2â of the material list for you.

See you all at the meeting,

Watercolour Material List T1 – V2.doc

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