Members Gallery Conditions

Members’ Gallery Conditions

Conditions of exhibiting

1. The Gallery will constitute one web page for each member in the Members’ Gallery section of the Group’s web site.

2. To the web visitor it will appear as a brief section about the member, followed by a series of up to eight images, with captions.

3. An image of your picture will be shown for a period and may be removed at the discretion of the committee or if the member is no longer a member. All images will be published with a Coochie Art Group watermark to discourage unscrupulous web visitors from making use of the image for their own purposes and profit. The image will be shown without any mounting or frame.

4. The caption to each picture should show: the name of the artist, the title of the picture, and the medium. Brief additional descriptive matter can be added. If the picture is for sale (see below), the caption will also show relevant details such as: the nature of the support (Arches fine paper, linen, canvas, MDF board, or whatever), and the dimensions of the picture (these being the dimensions of the portion of the picture which would be visible after an expected framing, but not including the mount or frame itself).

5. The Group takes no responsibility for any possible abuse of the Gallery or its pictures by unscrupulous web visitors. Information about the exhibitor in addition to the members name may appear on the site at the member’s discretion. (i.e. Bio and image).

6. The exhibitor may offer the original picture (not the web image) for sale, but the sale price may not be stated in the gallery. However, the asking price should be stated on the submission form. Any sale of pictures from the Gallery will be by private agreement between the exhibitor and the purchaser. A prospective purchaser will be asked to contact the the exhibitor using the contact details disclosed on the Gallery page. From then on, all negotiations about any framing, shipping, insurance etc must be between the purchaser and the exhibitor, and not involve the Group, which takes no further part in the matter, other than to remove the image from the Gallery after being notified that a sale has occurred, or recording a change in status if the exhibitor wants the picture to remain as an example of their work.

7. The Group understands that the ownership of an image in the Gallery resides with the exhibitor. If this is not the case, the Group should be informed. No legal use may be made of the image by any third party, other than its being exhibited in the Gallery.

8. There is no charge for this service for current financial members. If the member does not pay their membership for the current financial year by the due date their pictures will be removed.

9. The exhibiting artist must vouch for the authenticity of the picture as his or her own original work, not copied, and that the description supplied is correct. If the picture has copyright, the exhibitor must hold the copyright.

10. The Group reserves the right to refuse to exhibit any picture, without supplying reasons.

With thanks to the Berwick Artists Society Inc. for kindly permitting the use of their conditions as a basis for ours.
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