Bush Fragments in the Red – 2017

The Journey

Project Statement:
Bush Fragments in the Red
This exhibition, “Bush Fragments in the Red”, presented by Coochie Art Group members, encourages the community and official decision makers entrusted with planning decisions for the Redlands, to better prioritise and protect our irreplaceable bushland habitats. Redlanders are privileged to have rare and unique flora and fauna literally on our doorstep, but for how long? Wildlife habitats have been compromised and fragmented, to the detriment and survival of many wildlife species.
Members hope the Redlands will prosper and progress, but with due care for every part of the environment, especially those bushland habitats without their own voice. Fragmentation of bushland leads to lack of genetic diversity and consequent species decline. Koalas, Glossy-Black Cockatoos, Grey-Headed Flying Foxes and Richmond Birdwing Butterflies are just some of the endangered species unable to cope with habitat loss and fragmentation and numbers have fallen dramatically.
Coochie Art Group members, some of whom have lived here 30 years and more, have seen bushland shrink, wildlife corridors vanish, habitat fragment and the subsequent loss of our treasured wildlife, once plentiful. Members illustrate a passion for our wildlife and habitats, celebrating a host of species, some still resident in our neighbourhoods, some sadly, now rare visitors.

Our Project Activities

 15/11/16  CAG arranged a visit to Indigiscapes, where we we were guided through different habitats, identifying significant flora. A later presentation highlighted fauna endangered in the Redlands through habitat loss, including koalas, grey-headed flying foxes, Richmond Birdwing Butterflies and sadly, many others.



Term 1.  2017. CAG worked through the process of applying for a Redland City Council Environmental Grant to help defray the many costs of preparing for the Exhibition – including mentoring costs and tutelage fees.Noted local artist Hilary Wakeling guided CAG through various artistic processes for painting wildlife in mixed media.



Term 2.  23/05/17  A guided excursion was arranged to G J Walter Park and environs, with Debbie Pointing, President of the Koala Action Group. Using tracking equipment, Debbie located and identified many of the Toondah Harbour koalas, which have been fitted with tracking collars to better identify habitats and significant trees used by this healthy breeding group, in this urban environment.



 Master Pastellist Terry Wilkinson tutored CAG in painting Bush Landscapes and different habitats using Pastels.

Renowned Wildlife artist Gail Higgins guided CAG through the intricacies of painting birds in FreeFlow acrylics, with a special emphasis on birds’ anatomy, eyes and feathers.

Term 3  12/07/17. A guided walk was arranged through varied Bushland habitats down to Eprapah Creek in Thornlands. It was expertly guided and informed by Lynn Roberts, whose knowledge of Redlands flora was encyclopaedic!  Lynn is a very active member of Eprapah Creek Bushcare Group.



 Well-known local artist and watercolour specialist, Rhyl Henzell, tutored CAG in various techniques for painting flora, using watercolour on canvas and paper.

Throughout the year, many meetings were held with mentor Nicola Moss, who guided the vision and details needed to mount the Exhibition, whilst complying with the RCC Grant requirements.
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